In these pages you will find pretty much all you need to know about me and my writings.

Despite this being a fantasy website it is my hope that you will find more than simply entertainment and escapism in my stories.

In fact I have attempted to instill in many of my works experiences that transcend the traditional ways of perceiving reality, and have endeavoured to open doors to a deeper understanding of our human condition as well as occasionally even hint at the purpose of it all.

I guess this is a good time for a disclaimer. I don’t have all the answers, hell, I don’t have any answers at all, when it boils down to it. But I have had incredible experiences and occasional insights that have enriched my life immensely and have led me to trust this universe that we inhabit.

But enough of that. Here and now I simply wish to welcome you to the realities that have emerged through me onto the blank page.

May you enjoy the exotic journeys depicted here, and derive from them both a measure of depth and also, of course, a good dose of entertainment as well.

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