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Here you can listen (and watch – albeit, at your own risk) some of my shorter stories from The Tree at World’s End anthology.

Eventually I’d like to upload some excerpts from other books and stories, but that is not now.

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Mia & Pi

Mia is a chef on a starship with a crew that numbers in the thousands. When she awakens to find that the entire crew has vanished, she must find a way to survive.

Note: this was my first video posting of a reading on YouTube and is clearly a bit rough around the edges. I’ll replace it when I get around to it.
Make that an ‘if’…

The Ice Dragon

A fairy tale from Theregon.

Theregon? Where’s that?
Theregon is the stage upon which the events that befall Illiom begin to unfold in the Destiny of Fire trilogy.
It is a convincing (I hope) world with its own history, folklore and mythology.
To further colour that world I decided to write some fairy tales.

To date this is the only one I’ve managed to produce. It does not appear anywhere in the trilogy.


This short story is offered as a homage to those who suffered at the hands of the inquisition. Many (and for the most part women) had no fault other than being keepers of old lore and knowledge that those in power considered inappropriate because it undermined their control.
Those who are different from the status quo have always terrified the powers that be.