Into Forbidden Lands

Book Three of Destiny of Fire


‚ÄčHaving obtained all seven Keys, Illiom and the other Chosen are finally able to continue their search for Sudra’s Orb.


All that delays them now is a fierce Altran winter, but when that passes they will venture west, into the Forbidden Lands.


This enforced wait – a source of frustration for Argolan – is welcomed by lliom and Tarmel, for it provides the reprieve they need to explore the love flowering between them.
They are aware that this peace is but a temporary oasis, as each day brings them closer to the Illignment.


They know that they are venturing into the heart of evil, and this has given rise to a nameless dread which lingers at the edge of everyone’s awareness, for they cannot imagine what horrors they are yet to face.


Sometimes ignorance can feel like a gift, and foresight a wretched curse that paralyses us with terror. Sometimes it is our naivety that lends us the wings of courage we need to sail towards what must be faced.