In Between

Metacarn is a Guardian. He has dedicated his entire life to assisting change and preventing stagnation. But Guardians are no longer what they once were, their power has been fading and the war with the Mentors is showing no signs of abating.

Now a Keeper has been spotted, one who holds the Balance between the two opposing factions.  The Guardians believe that if they can get to him first, the day will be saved. But if the Mentors catch him… well, that is not worth contemplating.

But now someone new stumbles onto Metacarn’s path. Someone the old Guardian is hopelessly unprepared to deal with. Fighting Mentors to the death is one thing. Dealing with a frighteningly talented and head-strong eight-year-old girl is quite another…


“A parable for the change that is coming…”
Wendy Campbell

“I found the experience of In Between reflected many things back to me in a way that felt like a combination of immersion and reflection. It may often be that we read stories and find ourselves part of the story however, this book spoke to me in a way which felt as if I was being offering guidance while paralleling real world circumstances similar to my own. Quite simply, it felt Shamanic, Existential and even today as I write this it’s effect on me and my life experiences continues to resonate.”
Dean Dioguardi

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and it was the first fiction I had read for many years. It has sparked me to read more from this author which I am also enjoying. His writing easily transports me to the realms he creates.
Susan Deeley

So loved it!  As engrossing and inner-world reflecting as any Carlos Casteneda monument, there were moments in this journey of such deep, pure knowing, straight to the very core of me…

Sufiyo Rubyn