Keys of Awakening

Book Two of Destiny of Fire

“The Virupa man discarded all of his weapons, thrusting them into the hands of the nearest clansmen, dropping into a fluid fighting stance as he turned to face her.
Illiom did not emulate him. She was no fighter, and pretending to be one would certainly not transform her into one. She faced him and just allowed herself to sense what was happening inside her. She knew that she might die in the next few moments, but the greater part of her had already accepted that as a possible outcome.
If she was to die, then let it be here and now – not hiding and cowering from the world.”
Much has changed since Tarmel came to take Illiom away from her lonely and timid existence. However her most pressing questions remain unanswered and, if anything, they have multiplied – alarmingly so.


Something deep within her is beginning to shift.
Already she no longer sees herself as the frightened girl who hid from the world in her mountain hideaway, and what she once considered to be her curse is now revealing itself to be much more of a strength.


Her origins are still shrouded in complete mystery; yet now her role in the world, and the growing sense of direction within Illiom, are gathering momentum and form, shaping themselves into the one she is becoming.


Like an egg that is hatching, Illiom can hardly wait to meet the one who will emerge.