The Tree at World’s End

An anthology

When he is struck by lightning, a herdsman is approached by a goat-man who presents him with an impossible task and offers dubious guidance. 

A taxi driver opens his door to strangers all the time, but on this particular night his fare is ‘something’ from his own past, wearing the mask of a stranger.

Five unrelated people converge upon a café at the worst possible time, with dire consequences for the rest of the world.

The stone angel is hauntingly beautiful, but its new owner is oblivious to what is concealed in the hand curled over its heart.

Mia is a chef on a starship with a crew that numbers in the thousands. When she awakens to find the crew has vanished, she must find a way to survive.

A note from the author


The Tree at World’s End is an anthology that includes 2 novella-sized works and several short stories.

The title story is set in Viking times in an undefined part of Scandinavia and follows the adventures of a goatherd called Fjiorn and his wife Åsa, a love story set in Norse mythology that I thoroughly enjoyed exploring.

These stories open portals into alternate realities, where the mystical and the magical exist right alongside the mundane – much as they do in our own world – if only we could deepen our perception and see what lies just behind the flimsy, persistent veil of illusion.