Destiny of Fire

Behind every fear lies a secret power
quietly waiting to be claimed.


Illiom has a secret – well, she has several, actually – but one in particular has troubled her deeply since she first became aware of it.

Once, when she was still a girl on the cusp of womanhood, a savage power had erupted from her causing serious damage to a would-be assailant. Regardless of the fact that he was intent on harming her, the man’s wounds, and especially his accusations of witchcraft, have haunted her ever since.

For in a land like Albradan where people fear and shun magic and revile anyone who practices it, there can be no room for a woman with such powers. It is for this reason that Illiom lives alone in a decrepit shack in the safe seclusion of the Sevrock Mountains.

Here, on the slope of a nameless mountain, she survives with her owl, her goats, and her secrets, haunted by the riddles of her past, and with no clue whatsoever as to her purpose in this world or in her life.

When Tarmel, a Rider from the capital’s Black Ward, comes looking for her, Illiom’s world is turned upside down. Armed with a mysterious crystal and an inexplicable – but irrefutable – summons endorsed by the queen, Tarmel draws Illiom out of her self-imposed exile and into the teeming hub of the kingdom, into a maze of intrigue, mayhem, and murder culminating in a quest of unfathomable depths, a journey to the very heart of darkness…




Destiny of Fire unfolds over 3 books –

Book One: Illiom, Daughter of Prophecy
Book Two: Keys of Awakening
Book Three: Into Forbidden Lands

Some reviews

“Claudio Silvano has created a world in which the archetypal stories of the human person are told with energy and intelligence. The story unfolds beautifully and the plot has satisfying threads and swirls that stimulate imaginings and dreamings.”
Deborah Lowen (Amazon review)

“A remarkable story that was a breath of fresh air in this genre. His characters are numerous but each is rich in depth. The pace of his tale is breathtaking with page after page revealing more and more of the mystery through a plot that is full of surprise. A fantastic first novel.”
Sharanjit Paddam (Amazon review)

“Illiom is an amazingly believable character, I enjoy the way she is “chosen” and has difficulty believing that. I also enjoy the way the author has created such a disparate group and brings together all the characters in a believable unbelievable story.”
Ian Bland  (Amazon review)

“The author’s mastery of splicing the subconscious and ethereal into his storyline is effortless, his characters are compelling, substantial and have such individual depths.”
Martial Depczynski  (Amazon review)

“I was captivated from the very first paragraph and although I am really busy, I could not resist reading more and more. I continued reading and fell into the book like an old friend as the pictures came to life and I could see the two people clearly in my mind’s eye.”
Diane McCann (Inkitt review)

“It has been a while since I have read a book that was so hard to put down. The characters are brought to life easily in your imagination, with visuals so beautifully described without feeling laboured. The storyline just keeps drawing you along eagerly… Loved it!”
Mark Bentley (Inkitt review)

“From the very beginning, I found myself attached to the characters, and the scenes in which they are placed are detailed and easily imagined. And let’s not forget the plot. Crafted to leave the reader beyond curious, it draws you in, and won’t let you go. Love it! Great job!”
Jessica Duckworth (Inkitt review)